Fast, Accurate, and Painless

Add user recommendations to your app in minutes.

Easy to Use API

Light Server Load

What We Stand For

Let's take a look at Mountaintop AI under the hood.


Easy Developing

Implementing Mountaintop AI boils down to three important methods: CreateRoom(), JoinRoom(), and sendMessage()

Mountaintop AI Overview

Easy Serving

Keeping video/ audio streaming peer-to-peer means that you won't bog down your server's network and computational resources

Peer-to-Peer Guide

Easy Video Calls

Dynamic & intuitive private rooms for your users. Everything is fully customizable to line up with your brand and color scheme.


Who Will You Connect?

The possibilities are endless. Who will you connect?

Frequent Questions

Mountaintop AI Peer-to-Peer is Better for Everyone.

Innovators Love It, Servers Love It, People Love it.

  • Reliable and Robust

    WebRTC is amazingly powerful but can be a bit convoluted, especially in regards to the handshake for establishing a peer-to-peer connection. Mountaintop AI strives to simplify and ruggedize the process and rolls everything into three easy to use functions: CreateRoom(), JoinRoom(), and sendMessage(). Mountaintop AI comes complete with a beutiful, fully-functional room design for your customization.

  • Pixel-Perfect Excellence

    We obsess over the design and user interface for the private video chat rooms so that other developers can hit the ground running in style.

  • Dynamic Drag and Drop

    Users have full control over the size and placement of the chat room elements such as the local video feed and the text messages box. Try our demo

  • Robust WebRTC Handshake

    We've perfected the WebRTC handshake for you so you can focus on your big ideas, not signaling, offers, answers, and browser differences.

  • Save Thousands on Development Costs

    Great, bespoke video and text chat is expensive and prone to bugs. Leverage our experience and get your users great real time video chat today!

WebRTC Video Chat Made Easy!

Why Video Chat?

Nothing is more personal than face to face dialog. Connect your employees, customers, and stakeholders with easy, secure video chat. Perfect for internet chat applications and medical practices (telemedicine).

Why Mountaintop AI?

Developing a great private user video chat room is a big undertaking. Skip the prototyping, design, and development stages with Mountaintop AI and hit the ground running in style with all the bells and whistles.

Simply drop the contents of the Mountaintop AI zip file in your application directory. Get secure video, audio, text, and data chat rooms working in minutes! You have all the code on your own server- no annoying monthly fees or usage based fees!

Have a few systems that would benefit from video chat? Show your users some love with minimal development effort

Have your own brand and your own sense of style? Of course you do! Change as much of the look and feel of the private chat room as you want and add powerful new custom functionality with BlueChat's peer-to-peer data exchange functionality